Valtteri Bottas vs. Mercedes: How did Toto Wolff take your radio complaints?

The Finn ranted because the team ignored him with the strategy he had suggested for the French Grand Prix.

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Beyond the great performance that the Dutchman had Max Verstappen y Red Bull at Grand Prix of France, one of the most shocking moments of the race was when the Finn Valtteri Bottas ranted on the radio for the strategy employed by Mercedes for the appointment in Paul ricard.

Bottas, whose continuity in the German team has been questioned, was enraged when he lost position to Verstappen, who had made a second pit stop to get better rubber to face the end of the race.

Valtteri Bottas
Photo: Steve Etherington.

“Why the… nobody heard me when I said it was two stops"Said the Nordic on the radio, who later lost another position to the Mexican Sergio Pérez, who made a single stoppage after a very long stint with the first set of tires.

After the competition, Bottas said that it did not seem to him that the tone of the message could be taken wrongly by his team: “I don't think I have gone that far with the initial message; I was just trying to clarify what was going on. "

The official broadcast of the race took advantage of the situation very well. As soon as he spread Bottas's message, he inserted an image of the Mercedes box in which he saw Toto wolff, responsible for the team, taking his head as disapproving of the message of his pilot.

Valtteri Bottas
Photo: Wolfgang Wilhelm.

However, in Mercedes the words of Bottas were not taken so badly. At least from what Wolff himself said. “I loved that he spoke his mind and that he didn't hold it back. We continue to believe that the single stop was the best strategy ", Assured.

In his opinion the tactic did not work for a reason: "Fighting so hard after the stop we had to squeeze the tires, we put too much stress on them to go all the way well."

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