Heavy vehicles: special care and treatments

The precautions that must be taken into account to avoid unforeseen events that can cause significant economic losses.

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To keep business moving it is necessary maximize efficiency, manage drivers and comply with increasingly demanding regulations. All this while looking to increase profitability.

Losing a vehicle can extend work time or even stop a project, especially when deadlines and budgets are tight. In this sense, Any mechanical unforeseen event can be the cause of non-productive time and significant economic losses. that seriously affect the company.

Agricultural machineUnder constant effort, the vehicle's engine needs to withstand extensive endurance tests and be prepared to stay strong in the face of challenges. Trucks and heavy duty in general have special characteristics that require care and protection that are specifically tailored to their needs.

In daily driving dynamics, the truck is under high demands and the lubricant is challenged by high temperatures and the build-up of deposits that can seriously affect performance. In this sense, it is essential to protect the engine and its proper functioning through a good combination of high-quality lubricants to safely extend its useful life.

Faced with these demands, Petronas Urania, the line of lubricants specifically designed for heavy duty - trucks, buses and agricultural machinery - offers its formula improved with technology StrongTech, developed to provide more force to the motor, forming a more resistant lubrication film to maximize its performance and performance.

Petronas UraniaThanks to the strength of its new molecules, reduces residue build-up to maintain ideal viscosity and protect against wear and oxidation, guaranteeing longer intervals between changes and a longer useful life to the engine.

Petronas Lubricants International has innovative laboratories that develop a specific range of lubricants and fluids specially adapted to the needs of each equipment, with the aim of protecting and prolonging the useful life of engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems. Thus, Petronas Urania designed and developed in light of the needs of agricultural machinery and heavy vehicles, for their perfect performance, complying with environmental requirements, API and ACEA certifications, and approvals.

For more information, visit www.pli-petronas.com.

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