Tips to sell the car quickly and safely

Data that you have to take into account if you want to use a digital platform.

The pandemic pushed the trend to perform buy online. This modality is here to stay and today the digital economy is a reality. Customers acquired or deepened new habits when consuming, adopting more and more digital practices such as, for example, e-commerce platforms, even among those people who were more reluctant to carry out transactions over the Internet.

According to Automotive Chamber of Commerce (CCA) circulate more than 250.000 ads online and 90% of the units sold went, at some point, through a digital channel. Electronic commerce added 30% of users and 7 out of 10 would choose that medium again to make purchases and sales.

Beach car"Currently OLX Autos has an ecommerce platform for immediate purchase so that you can sell the car from your home, in an agile and efficient way ... The seller gets the cash in the most immediate way that the market can offer", supports Ernesto Mendizabal, CEO of OLX Autos Argentina, who underlines that the firm has already bought more than 6.000 cars.

In this sense, this type of online transaction became an increasingly frequent option, which is why, when thinking about selling a car, it is important to take into account some recommendations to make the most of the opportunity of the operation. To do this, OLX Autos provides some value considerations when tuning the vehicle to offer it for sale:


The time came when the decision was made to sell the car, but doubts arise because of not really knowing the state in which it is, a thought that makes one doubt whether it will take a long time to sell it. One of the first steps to take into account is to put yourself in the shoes of the person who would buy it.. Think about what details you pay attention to when buying a used car. That is to say, assuming the buyer's doubts that allows to focus on the details to fix the car.


In general, regardless of the type of upholstery, it is necessary to know that stains that spend a lot of time on the upholstery of the car may adhere more and cost to remove. It must be borne in mind that, if a stain does not come out when you start to remove it, you do not have to insist on it because the upholstery can break. On the market there are several products dedicated to stains that are applied dry directly on the affected area. A basic cleaning with an upholstery cleaner and a brush is a task that, if done on a weekly basis, makes a difference. Try as much as possible to use warm to hot water to help the penetration of the product.


Spark plugs and cables They are important parts because it ensures that the electricity makes possible the ignition between the mixture of air and gasoline in the combustion chamber. Therefore, it is important that the cables and spark plugs are in good condition so that it does not cost the car to start.


This filter protects the engine from sediment and particles that come in the fuel. Renew the filter Allows fluid to flow free and clean to engine.


It is important that you pay special attention to lights appearing on the dash. Dashboard warnings are often overlooked and lead to bigger problems.


There are different types of belts for different engines and each one fulfills a different function in each car. It is advisable to see that they are not dry, cracked and / or worn. If you notice any of these flaws, it is better to change them for new ones.


The engine also breathes, that is why it is important change the filter regularly to lengthen the health of the engine.


It is vital to keep the cooling system under constant review, the engine needs to have the ideal temperature to function and that is accomplished with the antifreeze fluid circulating through the engine. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly review it, so that it is neither below what is indicated, nor much above it.

auto workshopOIL

Change the oil regularly allows the engine to keep running in a lubricated manner and thus extend its quality of life.


Check the pressure and rotate the position of the tires They are simple actions that allow to extend the useful life of the tires. You don't need a mechanic to carry them out. It is recommended to rotate every 6 months or every 12.000 kilometers.


After a long journey it is recommended check the treads or at least once a month to check for visible signs of wear or small embedded objects. In case it is a nail or a very blunt object, it is better to have it removed by a mechanic because it can make a bigger hole if you try to remove it yourself.



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