How to travel safely during and after a pandemic?

The coronavirus has caused several changes in habits and how to move is one of them. Micromobility appears as a solution.

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The virus COVID-19 represents an unprecedented challenge for Argentines. With the running of government announcements to deal with this pandemic, several habits have changed, some of which will surely be incorporated when this pandemic is part of the past.

In this context one of the most noticeable changes will be the way of moving. In fact, a study of Kantar recently published indicates that 68% of Argentines changed or will change the way they get around and avoid and / or will avoid public transport after the pandemic.

For those who have no other option than public transport, it will be advisable to avoid rush hours or try not to take a train or bus that concentrates many passengers. Those who have to make short trips will choose walk or bike. The use of cars and motorcycles, something that had been relegated by the high cost of fuel.

Another alternative, which in the last time had already been installed without knowing what fate had in store for us, is the electric skateboard, which can become a solution to many of the problems that this situation presents us by providing certain functionalities that respond to the imposed needs.

Martin Maestrojuan
Martín Maestrojuan, commercial director of MAX YOU.

“The use of this means of transport can be essential to accompany changes in mobility during and after isolation. Especially when it is a fact that there will be a need to move and relocate safely. The electric skateboard represents a means of transportation that gathers characteristics that adapt to the reality that we have to live ”, Explain Martin MaestrojuanCommercial director MAX YOU, which sells this type of product.

The executive's statement is based on the fact that the electric skateboard is easy to use, allows individual travel without the need to be in contact or together with other people. Also, as can be easily transported it can be used in combination with other means of transport. As well it is simple and inexpensive to maintain, has a ideal autonomy for short trips y does not generate polluting gas emissions and they help to avoid noise pollution.

The decisions and customs that we thought we had incorporated have changed suddenly as a result of the coronavirus. There will be many habits in our lives that will be modified and how to move is one of them, so you have to start thinking about how to do it.


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