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Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks united for safety

Volvo Cars y V share data in real time to expand the reach of both companies' connected security technology through a cloud-based system that enables vehicles to communicate with each other and alert other drivers of potential danger.

This is the first time that Volvo Cars has shared safety data with another company. And in that context, collaborating with Volvo Trucks is the first step in achieving a significant volume of connected vehicles that can have a significant impact on road safety.

As of 2018, some Volvo trucks sold in Sweden and Norway which include their own emergency alert systems, and Volvo vehicles equipped with Volvo Cars' hazard light system will share anonymous data in real time.

"Sharing safety data in real time based on our connected safety technology can help prevent accidents", he claimed Malin Ekholm, Vice President of the Volvo Cars Safety Center. “The more vehicles share this real-time data, the safer our roads will be. In the future we hope to collaborate with other partners who wish to share our commitment to road safety.

This is not the first time that Volvo Cars has shared its safety knowledge with the aim of saving as many lives as possible. In 1959, Volvo released the patent on the three-point seatbelt for use by other automakers; According to estimates, this gesture has saved one million lives to date.

Volvo Cars Hazard Warning System is an innovative technology in the automotive industry. As soon as a Volvo equipped with this system turns on its hazard lights, it sends an alert to all Volvo vehicles in the vicinity that are connected to the cloud service to warn their drivers and avoid accidents. This is especially useful in curves with no visibility and changes in grade.

Adding the Volvo Trucks fleet to the cloud broadens the coverage area, increases the chances of identifying dangerous situations and improves overall traffic safety. Together, these two Volvo companies represent a significant part of new registrations in the region.

“Connected safety allows Volvo drivers to see virtually what is beyond the curve and avoid a critical situation or accident before it occurs. We want to share this possibility of anticipating and avoiding danger with as many drivers as possible "added Malin Ekholm.

The initiative will anonymize, validate and aggregate the data collected and shared in order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will begin to apply this year in the EU.



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