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The Volvo Group exceeds one million connected vehicles

The data collected allows the development of solutions that provide real value to both the customer and society in general.

El Volvo Group has delivered more than one million connected vehicles between trucks, buses and construction equipment. Of them, 80.000 are in Latin America. The large amount of information collected is used to improve productivity by increasing uptime, reducing polluting and noise emissions, and also improving traffic and workplace safety.

At the handover ceremony of four excavators to the Danish customer GSV Materieludlejning, which took place on October 3, the historic number of one million connected assets was reached.

The Volvo Group exceeds one million connected vehicles“Connected solutions provide increased vehicle and construction equipment uptime for our customers, increased safety for drivers, operators and other road users, and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The first million connected vehicles is just the beginning; we are committed to continue being the leaders in this field ", he claimed Martin Lundstedt, President and CEO of the Volvo Group.

The Volvo Group uses data from connected vehicles and construction equipment to develop solutions that deliver real value to both the customer and society at large.

For example, Volvo connected buses use Zone Management to allow the vehicle itself to use data to comply with local traffic restrictions that mark low emission zones, low noise zones and areas with speed limits.

While for construction equipment, truck and bus owners, the information collected allows them to predict wear on crucial parts, plan services and order spare parts in advance, thus reducing downtime for the owner, which results in increased productivity.


The Volvo Group exceeds one million connected vehiclesThe system Volvo Connect (available in Europe) combines all digital and connected services for Volvo truck customers in a single interface, making all day-to-day transport operations run smoothly.

In construction equipment, the CareTrack system for fleet management allows customers and dealers to monitor productivity data.

Finally, a weight management solution was developed for the Swedish customer NCC that allows the construction equipment operator and truck driver to control the load capacity in real time. The result is a transport solution with higher productivity and less environmental impact.



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