VW tests quantum computing in battery research

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Experts from Volkswagen succeeded, for the first time, to simulate industry-relevant molecules in a quantum computer, which is presented as a particularly important achievement for the development of high-performance batteries for electric vehicles.

VW tests quantum computing in battery researchAccording to the company, its researchers have "successfully" simulated important molecules, such as the lithium-hydrogen molecule and carbon chains, and are now working on more complex chemical compounds. In the long term, the firm aims to simulate the chemical structure of a complete electric battery in a quantum computer.

The German manufacturer will present its research work in the field of quantum computing at the CEBIT technology fair, which will be held in Hannover, Germany, this week.

“Our priority is the modernization of the technological systems of the entire Group. The objective is to intensify the digitization of work processes to make them simpler, safer and more efficient, as well as to adapt them to new business models. That is why we are combining our core role with the introduction of key specific technologies for Volkswagen. These include the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, as well as quantum computing ", he claimed Martin Hofmann, CIO of the Volkswagen Group.


Using newly developed algorithms, Volkswagen experts say they have laid the foundation for simulating and optimizing the chemical structure of high-performance batteries for electric vehicles. In the long term, such a quantum algorithm could simulate the chemical composition of a battery based on a variety of criteria such as weight reduction, maximum power density or cell assembly, and generate a design that could.

“We are working hard to develop the potential of quantum computing for Volkswagen. In this context, the simulation of electrochemical materials is an important project. In this area, we are carrying out pioneering work. We are convinced that the commercial availability of quantum computers will open up opportunities that were previously unthinkable. We intend to acquire from now on the specialized knowledge that we need for this "added Florian neukart, Principal Scientist at Volkswagen's CODE Lab in San Francisco.

Volkswagen's highly specialized technology experts, including data scientists, computational linguistics experts and software engineers, are working side by side in technology labs in San Francisco and Munich, with the goal of developing the potential of the quantum computing for applications that will be beneficial to the company. The main priority is the programming of algorithms in quantum computers. These are governed by laws different from those of conventional computers.

In the field of quantum computing, the Volkswagen Group collaborates with technology partners Google y D-Wave, which allow your experts to access your systems.

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