XBus: Transformers simile electric van

Built in Germany, it has several configurations ranging from minibus to pick-up.

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Modularity has reached the automotive industry. The first example is the XBus conceived by the German company Electric Brands. It is a small electric van that can change its appearance according to the requirements.

The XBus, which measures 3,64 meters long, 1,60 wide and 1,94 high and weighs between 450 and 600 kilos, It can be transformed into a minibus or a pick-up without much trouble.

XBusThe base structure is called Freedom and it stands out for having a cabin for two people. The truck variants are called Pickup y Pick-Up! and they can have two or four seats.

Version Tipper cargo box sum; while the option bus it is literally a kind of minibus. Universal it is ideal for the transport of goods, Case It is a small cargo truck; Open it has four seats and a small trunk; while camper it is a small motorhome.

The interior is basic and common to all customization options. It has no instrument cluster and all the performance information and the multimedia system are on a floating center screen.

XBusThe XBus has four small motors mounted on its wheels. The power is negligible: only 15 kW (about 20 CV), although there is the possibility of taking the 56 kW (75 hp). Of course, its maximum torque is 1.000 Nm, which guarantees strength to carry up to 1.000 kilos of cargo.

You can use 10 kWh or 30 kWh batteries that allow a range of 200 to 800 kilometers, in the latter case using optional solar panels as an aid.

The XBus is already on sale in the European market from 17.672 euros.

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