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Sales of cars and motorcycles fall

In both sectors there were falls in sales, although the annual accumulated remains better than in 2017.

La Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA) and Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Camera (CAFAM) released their usual monthly patenting reports. In both sectors there were falls in sales, although the annual accumulated remains better than in 2017.

ACARA revealed that the number of patented vehicles during June amounted to 64.140 vehicles, which shows a drop of 18,2% in the comparison with the same month of 2017 (78.396 units). Also the decrease is 17,2% in consecutive months since in May of this year 77.417 units had been registered.

Thus, the accumulated in the first semester of the year amounts to 500.500, which maintains a growth of 10,4% compared to the same period of 2017 in which it had been registered 453.463 vehicles.

“The figures confront us with the paradox that we finished the best first semester in history, surpassing that of 2013 by 500 units, but with a market that is falling. We see a decrease in year-on-year growth with June 2017 and also slowing compared to May ”, explained Dante Álvarez, President of ACARA.

For Álvarez there are two reasons for this situation: "The first is the impact of the devaluation of the currency with a sharp increase in the price of vehicles, especially imported vehicles which account for 73% of monthly patents. The second is related to the precipitous fall in bank financing due to the increase in interest rates. It has been reduced to practically zero, something that greatly complicates our sector ”.

CAFAM, meanwhile, reported that in June 39.070 units, with a drop of 16% compared to June 2017. Likewise, the report provided by the Chamber revealed that between January and June 2018, some 367.034 patented motorcycles, 11% more than in the same period of 2017, in which it had reached the 330.783.

90% of the motorcycles patented in June (35.288) are of national origin. During this period, the best-selling motorcycles were low displacement. With 15.300 patented units, 110cc motorcycles rank first, followed by 150cc motorcycles with 9146s.

“Although the balance for the first half of this year, compared to the previous year, reveals an increase in patenting, we must be attentive to the volatility of the dollar and the impact it may have on prices and, consequently, on the scope of the internal tax on national motorcycles, which until a few months ago were not reached and now they are due to the devaluation of our currency ", remarked Lino Stefanuto, president of CAFAM.

And I add: "We trust that the Executive Power will take the necessary measures to maintain the stability of the markets and update the tax base of the internal tax so as not to harm the national production of motorcycles."



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