Mobility in times of coronavirus: 48% would start using electric bicycles

"The survey reveals people's fear of the virus and the need to start a new normal with other types of habits," they say from the company Rodar Electric.

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Faced with the fear of returning to travel by public transport through the COVID-19, the industry of electric bikes appears as one of the big winners in this pandemic.

A study of the National University of San Martin (UNSAM) affirms that the 67% it already avoids shared transport to maximize prevention against the advance of the virus, although the fight against environmental pollution also affects the decision.

A survey of Adecco ensures that the 46% of Argentine workers will avoid public transportation when they resume their work routine. According to the Ministry of Urban Development, a 75% will not ride subways to minimize the risk of contagion, while a 64% will not use trains. The same percentage will avoid the collective.

Roll ElectricAccording to data from a survey of Roll Electric, a company that manufactures and markets electric vehicles, a 48% I would start using an electric bike for fear of contact with other people. In addition, a 27% I would choose it for the economic savings, a 15% to avoid traffic problems, and a 10% for the comfort of the trip.

For the investigation, Rodar Electric took a sample composed of Per people66% from CABA and GBA and 34% from interior. 54% of the responses were from men and 46% women; regarding the ages, 14% between 18 and 26 years old, 36% between 27 and 35 years old, 33% between 36 and 45 years old and 17% more than 45 years old.

“The survey reveals people's fear of the virus and the need to start a new normal with other types of habits. Our objective is centered on three axes: changing the way we live and transport ourselves, purify the air we breathe and improve the quality of life of our consumers ", Said Juan Martin Savage, co-founder of Rodar Electric.

On the problems that would lead to a change in thinking about an electric bicycle as a means of transport, a 41% mentioned by COVID-19; while a 37% for economy and time savings, and a 15% because the contamination. In lower percentages are the presentable arrival to work, the possibility of exercising and traveling longer distances.

Rodar Electric manufactured the first electric bicycle in Latin America, but years later it expanded its offer by incorporating the concept of empowering and reusing conventional bicycles to turn them into e-bikes through Ge road, which adapts to any type of ride. Today it is the exclusive representative in the country and in Latin America of this technology that has a value of $ 79.900 cash.

In Argentina, more than 1.000 people already enjoy its Ge Road. “During the quarantine, the increase in inquiries for the device occurred in parallel with the rise in demand for electric bicycles, in the order of 200%. Interest grew in both options. But many, realizing that the device is cheaper and works in the same way as the electric bike, are inclined towards it ”, Savage states.

Rodar Electric folding electric bikes, meanwhile, start from $125.700 cash. While the mountain bike VR starts in the $ 106.900. Thus, with just one wheel change, you save at least 35%, depending on the model with which it is compared.

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