The ranking that reflects the sad present of the Argentine automotive industry

In a list of 30 countries, Argentina ranks last for having the oldest vehicle fleet.

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The consulting Worldomet is developed a ranking on the age of the vehicle fleet in 30 countries. The Argentina has the sad privilege of close the count thanks to a market with the oldest sampling units.

The drops in sales of 0 kilometers in recent years, as shown by the 459.000 units in 2019 and the 342.000 in 2020 - garrisons that are a long way from the 955.000 in 2013 - has caused the age of the national vehicle fleet to have a 17-year average level.

Car traffic“If you take 30 of the 50 countries with the highest GDP in the world, Saudi Arabia is the country that changes its cars the fastest. With an average car age of just 3,8 years. At the other end of the spectrum is Argentina with an average age of cars of 17 years "says the report.

When analyzing the reasons for Argentina's position in the ranking, Worldometer experts rely on five points: constant devaluations that impact car prices, the high tax burden that generates a 50% increase in the value of the vehicle, the high maintenance cost lack of dollars that complicates imports and economic crisis.

According to the analysis, the situation in Argentina would be reversed with a broader range of inexpensive vehicles. Currently the proposal includes Chery qq, Toyota Etios, Fiat mobi, Chevrolet joy, Renault Kwid y VW Gol with prices ranging from $ 1.200.000 to $ 1.700.000.


1 Saudi Arabia 3,8
2 China 5,1
3 United Arab Emirates 5,2
4 Singapore 5,5
5 Austria 8,3
6 United Kingdom 8,4
7 Switzerland 8,6
8 Ireland 8,6
9 Japan 8,7
10 Denmark 8,8
11 Belgium 9,1
12 Germany 9,6
13 Sweden 10,0
14 France 10,2
15 Australia 10,6
16 Norway 10,7
17 Netherlands 11,0
18 Italy 11,4
19 Finland 11,8
20 Mexico 12,0
21 United States 12,1
22 Portugal 12,8
23 Spain 13,1
24 Turkey 13,4
25 Russia 13,6
26 Poland 14,1
27 NZ 14,5
28 Czech Republic 14,9
29 Romania 16,5
30 Argentina 17,0



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