Does the VW Group really plan to enter Formula 1? Is Red Bull-Porsche coming?

Once again there are rumors of the entry of some of the German holding's brands to La Máxima, although this time supported by the declaration of a senior executive.

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For a long time that in the Grupo Volkswagen come flirting with the idea of ​​entering the F1. At some point, he even considered buying the equipment Toro Rosso (today AlphaTauri) to Dietrich Mateschitz. Now the possibility arises again as a result of an interview that the with the BBC he did to an executive of the German holding company.

"Basically, we look at all the categories and we carry out evaluations permanently", said Fritz enzinger, responsible for the competition department of Porsche consulted by the British chain.

Fritz enzinger
Fritz Enzinger, Head of the Porsche Racing Department.

Enzinger made it clear that any decision will be determined by the future coach of the F.1, basically with the change of motorization what is being implemented in 2025, as well as the use of more environmentally friendly fuels.

“If sustainability aspects play a role in this, such as the introduction of electrofuel, then it would be of great interest…. If these aspects are confirmed, we will evaluate them in detail within the VW Group and discuss further steps ”, Enzinger added.

Electrofuel is carbon neutral and can power internal combustion engines without the environmental impact of traditional fossil fuels. They come in various forms, including biofuels, which are made from biomass, and synthetic fuels, which are made by an industrial process that captures carbon from the atmosphere.

It is worth noting that the F.1 is committed to making electrofuel an important part of the sport starting in 2025, so this would encourage the VW Group to finally land in the category.

The engines that the F.1 will use from 2025 will focus on hybrid power, combining internal combustion engines with an electrical and regenerative element that allows it to generate a higher percentage of energy than at present.

While the power units used since 2014 have brought about a technical revolution in terms of thermal efficiency (more than 50% compared to 30% for a typical motor), they are complex and expensive.

Given that Mercedes is one of the great players of the Maximum, in VW they think that the ideal would be that Porsche o Audi accept the challenge to become a new rider. If you pay attention to Enzinger's words, that brand would be Porsche, which is building its own synthetic fuel manufacturing plant in southern Chile ...

Max Verstappen (Red Bull). Photo: Bryn Lennon / Getty Images.

And to which team would the Stuttgart house deliver its drivers? According to reports, there have already been contacts with Red Bull, McLaren y Williams. Of this trio, the guns would be aimed at Red Bull, which will start preparing its own engines from 2022 on the basis of this year's Honda. Faced with the uncertainty of this new project, those from Milton Keynes are open to finding a new ally to solve the driving issue.

"If an interesting partner appears, then of course it makes sense to take it very seriously.", he claimed Christian horner, head of the Austrian team, at the time.


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