The best phrases of Bernie Ecclestone

The English Bernie Ecclestone, who had for 40 years at the helm of Formula 1, will not only be remembered for his management but also for the innumerable number of phrases that spoke clearly of his personality. Here, a small selection ...

  • "Without profit there is no fun."

  • “I don't like others to think I'm smart. That makes them be more careful and does not favor me. What interests me is to buy from people who think they are smart and sell to people who are not as smart as they think ”.

  • “I don't like contracts. I want to look someone in the eye and seal the deal with a handshake. If I say that I will do something, I will do it.

  • "When a driver kills himself on the track, at least it has been doing what he wanted to do in life and that does not seem depressing at all."

  • “When I die I don't want a funeral procession. The cheaper it is, the happier I will be ”.

  • “Before there was a natural way to eliminate drivers; one or two died every year ”.

  • "Women should wear white to match appliances."

  • "Senna's death was as if Jesus had been crucified on television."

  • "It is sad to pay, but more so not having money.

  • "If two people know something, it is no longer a secret."

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