Leonel Pernía and Renault started with everything, but the Push to Pass, no ...

The Tanito was imposed on the first date of the Super TC2000 that was held at the Buenos Aires racetrack. The premiere of the new system to favor bypassing left much to be desired ...

El Super TC2000 started his 2021 season at the autodromo de Buenos Aires. There Leonel Pernía and equipment Renault Castrol Team They confirmed with deeds their intention to reign in the specialty again with an impeccable victory that allows the Rombo pilot to lead the tournament.

Pernía, 2019 champion of the specialty, had a great weekend that included pole position, second place in the qualifying race on Saturday and victory in the Sunday competition, in which the Push to Pass system (PTP), a button that delivers extra power to vehicles.

Leonel Pernía
Photo: Super TC2000 Press.

“I wanted to win… And if it was this way, so categorical, the better. I was hot on Saturday because after pole position I started second in the sprint and it didn't seem fair to me. It has a special flavor, it's a nice revenge ... ", explained Pernía, who started second after the Saturday result.

"I left and, quickly, I took the lead", added Tanito, who was escorted by Matias Rossi (Toyota GAZOO Racing YPF Infinia), precisely who won the Saturday test.

Although the PTP was released this year with the aim of favoring overruns, it was far from fulfilling its objective. In fact, Pernía himself used it to escape from his pursuer and thus beat him by just over two seconds and by more than 16 to the third, Julian Santero (Toyota GAZOO Racing YPF Infinia).


After a good 2020 compared to the sad 2019, where there were many messy things, the Super TC2000 decided in 2021 to fulfill an old promise: to use the Push to Pass, a system used in many categories around the world to improve shows.

Super Start TC2000 Leonel Pernía and Matías Rossi
Photo: Super TC2000 Press.

The first time this device was heard of was in 2012 when Pablo Peon, then a leader in the specialty, proposed to use it as of 2013, something that never happened. The project collected dust for a long time, but this year he rescued himself as an ace up his sleeve to raise his level.

To use it, we worked on the Oreca turbo engine mapping in a special way: From 380 horsepower, the impeller went to 340 CV so that when pressing the button those 40 donkeys appear again, although for only 25 seconds.

In the case of Sunday's competition, which took place on circuit No. 8, the pilots were able to use it nine times and at the moment of activating it they had to wait nine seconds to have that additional potential marked with a green light on the windshield of the car ...

For the Brazilian Rubens Barrichello, driver of the Toyota GAZOO Racing YPF Infinia, those 40 extra horses are scarce compared to the 100 CV that they have available in the Brazilian StockCar. "If you don't have more horses, it's not worth using it", said the former F1. Another relevant difference is that the STC2000s are front wheel drive and the Brazilian series vehicles are rear ...

Matias Rossi
Photo: Super TC2000 Press.

The reality is that a lot of expectations were created about the device, which was timely tested, but in few cars. He was only in all the cars on Friday and most of the drivers had problems. On Sunday it did not meet its goal of helping improve the show and, on the contrary, disappointed fans, both those who saw it on TV and those who were in the stands.

Every championship start, no matter what category it is, creates a lot of expectations. This happened with the Super TC2000, which put a lot into the blessed extra power system to try and put in the background the limited fleet of 17 machines distributed in five teams.

The rematch will come soon since this weekend, again in Buenos Aires, the second date of the calendar will be held. A few more cars are expected to pass the score and it would not be surprising if something is changed in the blessed PTP after this dress rehearsal that had points for the tournament. "The system did not show off so much ..."Rossi said. Although he gave credit: "You have to analyze it over time and for that you have to be cautious."

Pernía and Renault, meanwhile, will do everything possible to continue on a streak in search of that great goal they set for themselves: to put the Rombo at the top again.


1 Leonel Pernia Renault fluence gt 30 00:41:57.788 00.000
2 Matias Rossi Toyota Corolla 30 00:42:00.065 02.277
3 Julian Santero Toyota Corolla 30 00:42:14.281 16.493
4 Damian Fineschi Renault fluence gt 30 00:42:14.619 16.831
5 Rubens Barrichello Toyota Corolla 30 00:42:17.735 19.947
6 Matías Milla Renault fluence gt 30 00:42:20.469 22.681
7 Franco Vivian Toyota Corolla 30 00:42:27.545 29.757
8 Facundo Ardusso Honda civic 30 00:42:49.239 51.451
9 Juan Jose Garriz Citroen C4 Lounge 30 00:42:50.196 52.408
10 Bernardo Keychain Chevrolet cruze 30 00:42:50.273 52.485

AVERAGE: 144,984 km / h. LAP RECORD: Pernia, 1m22s665 / 1000 at 147,197 km / h. CHAMPIONSHIP: 1) Pernía, 29 points; 2) Rossi, 25; 3) Santero, 17; 4) Fineschi, 13; 5) Barrichello, 10; 6) Mile, 6; 7) Vivian, 5; 8) Ardusso, 3; 9) Garriz, 2; 10) Keychain, 1.


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