Interest in electric skateboards is growing

Max-You, a pioneering skateboard brand, registered almost 300% more inquiries about the models and prices of its products in the last month.

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Beginning COVID-19 many habits will change. Among them the way to move around the city. That is why it is not surprising the increase in inquiries regarding the electric skateboards, vehicles that are ideal to deal with the new normal in the cities.

Max-you, a pioneer skateboard brand, confirms this trend. Between April and May it registered an increase of almost one 300% in consultations about their skateboard models and prices. This allows the company to reaffirm its objective of sell 5.200 units and achieve leadership with 35% of the market for the remainder of 2020.

Based on the analysis of these queries, Max-You developed a report that interprets and analyzes the profile of the skateboard user and the new trends that arise in relation to the use of this vehicle.

Max-you Based on this increase in concerns and inquiries (3.446) it was identified that: 71% were by men and 29% by women, age range of major consultations ranged from 25 to 34 years with 48%, between 35 to 44, 36%; between 18 and 24, 10%; and between 45 and 54, 6%. The inquiries come mainly from the following Zones of the country: Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, 42%; Cordoba, 26%; Santa Fe, 22%; Tucumán, 10%. The most frequent doubts They were about prices, model availability, financing, warranty and technical service and shipping.

“These statistics that we were able to identify show us that the skateboard is no longer a vehicle exclusively for millennials. Today we find people from 40 to 50 years old who buy a skateboard, for example, to travel the so-called last mile. That is, from the moment they leave public transport or their car, somewhere in the City, until they get to work ”, explained Martin Maestrojuan, commercial director of Max-You.

"We also see that there are more and more cities where there is interest in the skateboard, since they are cities that were making progress in the construction of bicycle paths, where this vehicle should be used", added the executive.

The skateboard is consolidated as the ideal option to comply with the social distancing that the "new reality" will impose when traveling. That is why it is essential to know what type of skateboard to choose according to the needs of each one. If it will be a means of transport to combine it with a public one and thus make the “last mile”, if it is to move around the city or neighborhoods, if it is for long or short distances or if it has to be loaded and stored in a particular place .

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