In March there was an increase in patenting

36.591 units were registered, 29,1% more than in the same month last year.

Toyota Hilux

La Association of Automotive Dealers of the Argentine Republic (ACARA) reported that the number of patented vehicles during March 2021 amounted to 36.591 units, which represents a rise in 105,3% year-on-year, since in March 2021 they had registered 17.820 units.

If the comparison is with its predecessor in February, the growth is of 20% since in the past month they had registered 30.482 units. In this way, in the three accumulated months of the year, 116.800 units, this is 29,1% more than in the same period of 2020, in which 90.471 had been registered.

Fiat Cronos"There is a noticeable advance in the sale of national units that increased their participation in relation to imported vehicles until they currently reach 46% of all patented vehicles, after 2020 in which they barely reached 30% of the total", analyzed Ricardo Salome, president of ACARA.

"Beyond the fact that the year-on-year comparison shows explosive growth figures, we must take them with caution because we remember that last year the quarantine began in March and the automotive records worked until the 19th", Agregó.

"The exchange rate stability achieved and a vision of greater confidence in the economy have been decisive for many people, who perhaps last year due to the climate of uncertainty and pandemic postponed their purchase, and now make the decision to acquire vehicles, motorcycles and others durable goods. We continue this recovery with optimism and working so that the growth of our sector will also drive other associated industries ”, Salomé finished.


1) Toyota, 6.559
2) Volkswagen, 6.311
3) Fiat, 4.450
4) Chevrolet, 3.501
5) Ford, 3.441
6) Renault, 2.946
7) Peugeot, 2.235
8) Nissan, 1.212
9) Jeep, 1.060
10) Citroen, 894


1) Fiat Cronos, 3.193
2) Volkswagen Gol Trend, 1.642
3) Toyota Etios, 1.493
4) Chevrolet Onix, 1.429
5) Peugeot 208, 1.374
6) Ford Ka, 1.278
7) Toyota Yaris, 1.229
8) Toyota Corolla, 984
9) Chevrolet Cruze, 774
10) Volkswagen Nivus, 749


1) Toyota Hilux, 2.278
2) Volkswagen Amarok, 1.650
3) Ford Ranger, 1.393
4) Fiat Toro, 605
5) Renault Duster, Oroch 394
6) Renault Kangoo II, 384
7) Chevrolet S10, 319
8) Mercedes Benz Sprinter, 297
9) Fiat Strada, 297
10) Nissan Frontier, 288



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