Sustainable mobility: The world will be electric

What should we consider when buying a battery-powered bicycle, scooter or motorcycle.

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Almost without realizing we have automated different processes linked to everything that surrounds us and carries batteries: we spend it looking at how much charge it has, if we have the corresponding charger with us and before sleeping we take care of leaving it recharging to have it ready for the next day.

El cell and laptop They are part of this daily routine but little by little other elements were also added, including skateboards, bicycles y scooters. Mobility is aimed at being electric and therefore having batteries and plugging in quite often. What should we consider to help its correct operation and achieve a longer useful life?

Skateboard Battery"The average useful life in batteries is mainly subject to the number of charge and discharge cycles suffered by the battery and is not so directly related to the time that the accumulator (or battery) has", supports Luz Valbuena, marketing manager of Acubat, which sells batteries for cars, motorcycles, vans and trucks of its own brand and of Varta, Moura, Willard and Bronco.

"Lead acid batteries - such as those that currently equip cars with combustion engines - allow about 1.500 life cycles, while lithium battery technology - which are used for technology equipment or cars electric - offer a life of up to three times longer ”, Explain.

Lead-acid batteries cost considerably less than lithium batteriesIn addition, those made of lead have a much higher weight, and those are just some of the reasons why there is no definitive migration from one metal to the other.


The replacement of the current mobility with combustion engines towards a more sustainable one that does not generate greenhouse gases is taking place gradually at the global level. Everything indicates that in a first stage both will coexist, for example using Smaller 100% electric vehicles in cities and urban helmets, as a complement to urban transport and "traditional" cars.

AcubatTherefore, whoever is thinking of adopting some type of alternative vehicle should consider several things, linked to this technology. "Whoever is thinking of getting on the trend of scooters or electric bicycles should take into account the distance they are going to travel, since the average autonomy is usually short (no more than 80 km. With a recharge) and varies depending on the weight and speed ”, Valbuena remarks.

"It is more important to know the true value of autonomy and recharging times before the maximum speed, as well as to confirm reliably that it can be recharged anywhere, in any 220V outlet", Add.

Another point to consider is if the battery is removable and if there is availability for replacement., because many times there is no replacement for when it reaches the end of its useful life; This is something that may not be considered at the time of purchase and it is very important because even this type of technology is new in our country.

“There are electric scooters that carry four CPC batteries (Deep Cycle, with higher charge and discharge cycles) and at the time of their replacement - approximately three years, depending on the use - they can cost $ 30.000”Valbuena warns. "Many people come and ask us if it can be replaced by motorcycle batteries -which are lead- and technically yes, but they are less efficient and their useful life can be a year and a half", ends.

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